About Us

If this is your first time visiting our site, Welcome! If it is not, we are glad that you are back! Cincinnati General Insurance Agency is a full service independent insurance agency. We opened our doors in 2009 and since then have over 15 different carriers that we represent within the agency.

From the beginning we have built the agency on the belief that the client comes first. Our goal is to find you the best policy possible at the lowest premium possible. In other words the best value for your insurance dollar.
We take the time to do a full needs assessment of what your needs are to properly protect you. We know that whether you are an individual or a business owner, covering you the right way is what matter most to you and your family and that matters to us.  

Selecting the Best Agent you can find
A good agent is the main ingredient in a watertight insurance program.
Insurance is bought and sold as if it were a commodity- a single page that says, “If you have a loss, we’ll cover it.” But pull our any insurance policy. What do you see? A 20+ page legal contract packed with good coverage, but also packed with exclusions and limitations. Some of those exclusions and limitations exclude or limit coverage for risks in your own life- important risks that, if they happen, would hurt you financially, and sometimes seriously. Yet almost all the exclusions and limitations in a normal insurance policy can be deleted or minimized with available supplemental policy endorsements- most of which are inexpensive.
A good agent is a bargain in a least five significant ways:

  • She has the expertise and tools to help you choose adequate coverage limits in each major loss area
  • She helps you keep your coverage in those major loss areas balanced and helps you avoid inconsistent coverage.
  • She takes the time to probe into your life deeply enough to identify those risks that your current insurance policies exclude. She then applies her expertise to help you poroerly plug your policies with the supplemental coverages you need to fill those gaps. A really good agent helps you change your coverages as the risks in your life change.
  • When you have a claim, she does more than just file a report for you. She applies her coverage expertise to coach you on how to properly document your claim so you get paid all that you’re owed with the least amount of delay or hassle.
  • If your claim is unjustly denied or underpaid, she cares enough  and has enough coverage expertise to get the claims department to reverse its position and pay you everything you rightfully deserve.

Dave Sivertson

  • Licensed Personal, Commercial & Life Insurance Agenttrusted-choice
  • Married to Sue Sivertson with sons Mikey (11) and Davin (9)
  • Resident of Mason, OH (since 2007)
  • Past agent intern with State Farm Insurance
  • Past exclusive agent with Allstate Insurance
  • Licensed airplane pilot, squash player, and awful golfer