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PEKIN Insurance

We help our customers build their dreams. Or rebuild their lives. At Pekin Insurance,® we provide peace of mind and long-term security for our policyholders, shareholders, agents, and employees.

Through wars. Peace. Economic downturns and upswings. We’ve remained undaunted. Flexible. Innovative. We’ve always managed to find ways to get the job done. Since 1921.

Today, we’re one of the nation’s most successful insurance providers, with combined assets of $2 billion, more than 700 employees, 1,200 agencies, and 7,500 independent agents.

In this uncertain world, how is it that Pekin Insurance is able to still stand strong? It starts with our foundation of values:We are people-focused. We believe in building solid relationships. Only by taking a genuine interest, and remaining responsive and caring to our policyholders and agents, can we stay strong … and grow. Our philosophy is conservative. Our solutions, high-tech.

But above all, our values are best expressed not through words. But actions. We are fast. Fair. Committed to delivering superior service. And providing outstanding products at competitive prices. We follow through. Then take it that extra step to get results … Beyond the expected.®