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  • How Safe is Your Home Fireplace?

    Lot of folks use their fireplaces and wood/corn-pellet stoves during the winter months. This increased use leads to more potential hazards. Every year, over 24,000 fireplace-related fires occur. The results are millions of dollars in property damage and more importantly serious burns and even the loss-of-life of family members. Most people don’t realize that when […]

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  • Insurance Car

    Car Insurance is a Real Pain

    Where car insurance is a real pain in the pocketbook State Median annual household income Median price of annual car insurance policy Percentage of household income going toward car insurance 1 Michigan $56,101 $4,490 8.003% 2 Louisiana $52,456 $2,912 5.551% 3 Kentucky $50,392 $2,292 4.548% 4 West Virginia $48,927 $2,074 4.239% 5 Mississippi $45,484 $1,840 […]

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  • From 2011 JD Powers Insurance Satisfaction Survey

    From 2011 JD Powers Insurance Satisfaction Survey

    Customer satisfaction with homeowners insurance companies has rebounded from 2010, but still remains below levels achieved in 2009. Similarly, among auto insurance policyholders, satisfaction has improved notably from 2010. While satisfaction also increased in all five factors among auto insurance customers, one key difference has emerged between homeowners insurance customers and auto insurance customers in […]

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    New Ohio Auto Insurance Law

    New Ohio Auto Insurance law was passed. MANY changes but the biggest news is increasing the Minimum limits (which were about the lowest in the country) to a more acceptable level. Minimums went from 12.5/25/7.5 to 25/50/25. Hopefully we will have fewer accidents where the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for our […]

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  • Understanding Your Home’s Replacement Cost Coverage

    Understanding your home’s replacement cost coverage- listed as coverage A- Dwelling on your home owners policy: 1.) Replacement Cost- Pays up to the coverage A limit and not a penny more. 2.) Extended Replacement Cost- Pays up the coverage A limit and an additional percentage-typically 10-25%. (This is typically what is offered by the “Big” […]

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