Commercial Package Policy

A Commercial Package Policy is typically written for small to medium sized businesses accounts and will include at least two or more lines of insurance coverage. Eligible classes of businesses include light manufacturing, processing and service, habitational, retail, office, and wholesale risks. Typically these business are either to large or complex to be written on the simpler BOP policy.

The following briefly describes the coverage for each line of insurance coverage eligible under the Commercial Package Policy:


Commercial Property Coverage

Whether you own your building or lease the premises, property insurance coverage will protect your real property (buildings or structures), business personal property (including betterments and improvements to real property),as well as inventory exposures. Property can be insured for Replacement Cost Value or Actual Cash Value. We can tailor your property coverage to fit your individual needs.


Commercial General Liability Coverage


General Liability insurance helps protect your assets by providing a first line of defense against a variety of claims for alleged negligence or wrongdoing. Due to your operations subject to the insuring agreements and exclusions contained in the policy, we can provide the general liability coverage to keep your business in business.


Commercial Inland Marine Coverage

Inland Marine Floaters are specifically designed for the property you own that is movable or moving.


Commercial Automobile

happy truck driverCommercial Automobile coverage will protect all the vehicles you own and operate in your business.

All commercial submissions are subject to current guidelines and underwriting criteria.

This information is only a general description of the available coverage and is not a contract. All coverage types are subject to availability and qualifications.

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